Discord Outage Causes Service Disruption: Users Experience Slow Messaging and Sign-In Issues

Discord, the popular chat app, experienced a widespread outage, causing messages to be slow or unable to send. Users reported issues with signing in and accessing the service. The app eventually came back online. Discord, initially designed for gamers, has expanded to cater to a broader range of communities and friends.

Discord experienced an outage, with users reporting slow message sending and difficulty signing in.

Users complained about the app and service being broken, leading to a flurry of reports.

Down Detector, a website for tracking outages, also received numerous reports of Discord being down.

Shortly after the outage was reported, Discord came back online.

Discord was established in 2015 as a text and voice chat app primarily for gamers.

Over the years, Discord has grown to focus on communities beyond gaming, emphasizing "communities and friends."

The app has garnered interest and investment from gaming platforms, including Sony.

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