Tesla Model X spotted in Bengaluru traffic, sparking humorous reactions on social media.

Speculations arise whether the Tesla vehicle is privately owned or used for test drives in the city.

The ultra-red Tesla SUV captured near Minsk Square, Cubbon Park metro station, adds to the buzz.

North BangalorePost shares the picture, claiming Tesla is testing its vehicles, but netizens disagree.

Social media users humorously question the durability of Tesla glass in Bengaluru traffic.

Contrasting opinions: Some believe it's a private vehicle, while others argue it might be an official visit from Dubai.

Information shared on Tesla EV ownership, highlighting the import through CARNET from Dubai.

Tesla incorporates Tesla India Motors and Energy Private Ltd, signaling plans for manufacturing and R&D in India.

Reports suggest Tesla might set up a manufacturing plant in Gujarat in the upcoming year.

The negotiation for Tesla's manufacturing unit in India reaches its final stages, with an announcement expected at the Vibrant Gujarat Summit in January 2024.

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