Clone your voice and generate natural speech from text using ElevenLabs AI.

Elevate your audio experience with ElevenLabs AI. Free tier available! Generate speech from text and clone voices effortlessly.

ElevenLabs specializes in speech synthesis and voice cloning using AI.

ElevenLabs AI is free to use for individual users.

It supports multiple languages and accents for speech generation.

Users need to sign up on the ElevenLabs website to access the AI tool.

Users can choose from different voices and audio models for their speech synthesis.

Users can enter text and generate speech by clicking on the "Generate" button.

The generated speech can be downloaded as an MP3 file.

Users can also clone their voices by adding voice samples from the Voice Library

Voice cloning with ElevenLabs AI used to be free but now requires a $5 payment for up to 10 custom voices.

If you prefer not to make a payment, you can utilize PlayHT to duplicate your voice without any charges. Swipe up To Visit!

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